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For whom do we do it?

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At the Riva y García Financial Group, we work alongside companies, institutions and investors, advising them on investment decisions. We maintain close relationships with most of the companies advised, with a presence on some of their financial committees and Boards of Directors.

Family companies such as Uniland, Diafarm, Fluidra, Sar, Anuntis, Grupo VFV and Mecanotubo, among others, regularly entrust Riva y García with the management of their corporate projects.

In addition, Riva y García is well positioned in the field of consultancy on quoted companies due to its comprehensive response service based on financial and legal advice. In this way, Riva y García regularly advises quoted companies such as Fersa, Fluidra, Natra, Natraceutical, Service Point, Dogi, Mecalux, Tecnocom, Catalana Occidente and Elecnor, among others.