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Invercat Exterior FCR

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Invercat Exterior is a venture capital fund promoted by the Catalan Government and managed by Riva y García. Invercat's investments are aimed at companies based in Catalonia which have plans to internationalise their short- or medium-term operations.
Invercat has ended its investment period.

Main characteristics of Invercat Exterior:

  • Fund with assets of €24 million under management.
  • Investments in companies based in Catalonia with the aim of participating in international expansion.
  • Minority shareholdings of between €1 million and €3.6 million.
  • Shares held by: Acc1Ó, Santander Central Hispano, BancSabadell, Caixa Emprendedor XXI, CatalunyaCaixa Capital, Institut Català de Finances Holding and Catalana Occidente.






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