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Tirant FCR

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Tirant Inversión is a venture capital fund governed by the simplified scheme and promoted by the Valencia Institute of Finances, in which shares are held by institutional investors, private investors and family groups from the Valencia Region. Riva y García Private Equity has been entrusted with the management of Tirant Inversión.

The Fund has €46M under management

Riva y García Private Equity has a highly qualified team based in Valencia which is responsible for the operational management of the Tirant Inversión fund.


Main characteristics

  • Tirant will invest principally in companies based in the Valencia Region. In addition, the fund may also invest in other geographical areas.
  • A general and well-diversified fund, aimed at consolidating existing sectors and fostering growth in emerging sectors.
  • Tirant will initially acquire a minority holding in companies with a minimum investment of €1.5 million and a maximum of €8 million. Tirant may also acquire majority holdings according to the project in question, and will also be present on the Board of Directors of investee companies with maximum involvement in value creation.
  • Approximately 70% of the fund will be invested in companies in the expansion capital phase and 30% in early-stage companies.





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