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Riva y García Financial Group began its private equity activity in 2000. We currently manage 7 Venture Capital Entities: Spinnaker Invest SCR, Invercat Exterior FCR, Tirant Inversión FCR, Fons Mediterrània FCR , Healthequity SCR, The Extension Fund SCR-PYME S.A., Moby Dick Film Capital, FCRE, S.A. and Eoniq Mediterranean Seed Fund 1 FCRE S.A..

At Riva y García we are specialized in financing small and medium size companies from start-up phase through expansion and internationalization.
Riva y García team has extensive experience in venture capital, corporate finance, strategic consulting and general management, both in RyG and in other leading companies in their sectors.
Riva y García team has led all types of corporate transactions: capital increases, mergers and build-ups to consolidate a sector, acquisition of companies, rounds of financing with other institutional investors, restructuring, LBOs, etc.
Riva y García Private Equity has established itself as one of the leading independent venture capital management companies in Spain, managing €164 through:



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