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We are different

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The consultancy that we offer is different from that of the market in general because:

  • Personnel: We are noted for our proximity, honesty and understanding of our clients' needs and objectives. We are highly motivated and committed to success and continuous improvement.
  • Commitment: We work with the aim of creating value for our clients and this is how we are paid. Our fees are success-based and are only paid if we achieve the established objectives.
  • Independence: This means that our opinions are not subject to any possible conflict of interest.
  • Experience: Wwe have participated in more than 50 transactions with our clients and we have in-depth knowledge of all transactions through our team which has been trained in the major business schools and with extensive experience in investment banking. .
  • Comprehensive service: The structure of the Riva y García Financial Group means that we are able to advise companies from a corporate (Corporate Finance), entrepreneurial (Venture Capital), asset (Asset Management) and market (Capital Markets) point of view, in addition to offering legal support.