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In the Corporate Finance department of the Riva y García Financial Group, we undertake financial and strategic consultancy activities in accordance with the principles of the Group: trust, independence, proximity and professionalism.

We have extensive experience in middle-market transactions for both quoted and private Spanish companies. We work with our clients to create, enhance and maximise the value of their companies.

Some of the most common consultancy activities occurring in our everyday work are as follows:

Capital Markets:
• Initial Public Offering
• Capital Increases
• Convertible bonds
• Splits / Contrasplits
• Acquisitions
• Management buy-outs
• Liquidity Supplier to stocks

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A):
• Mergers and Acquisitions advisory
• Divestures and other restructuring
• Debt and capital issuing for non listed companies
• Debt restructuring and refinancing

Financial Strategy:
• Long term financial strategy Analysis
• Value Creation Scanning and Analysis
• Independent export report
• Business Plans and Feasibility Plans
• Reports issued for Arbitration or lawsuit processes

* For more detailed information see the section on the type of transactions operations carried out

We completed the first Corporate Finance transaction in 1995, advising Service Point Solutions on a capital increase in the securities market. Since then we have continued to raise the bar year after year. We have now established ourselves as one of the leading independent Spanish companies in domestic corporate transactions, holding 6th place in the ranking list for transactions of up to 50 million Euros, as published by Thomson Financial.


Type of

Transactions which Riva y García has provided consultancy advice

Market Share (based on value)

50 M$


7,2 %

100 M$


2,7 %

200 M$


3,1 %

500 M$


2,1 %*

* based on no. of transactions on which advice has been provided


In the last five years the Corporate Finance team of the Riva y García Financial Group has provided continuous consultation to 50 companies, analysing approximately 100 transactions.

The corporate market in Spain offers good opportunities. Following the withdrawal of the major investment banks to London and Paris, the domestic corporate middle market has been left open. In addition, the boom in Private Equity means that we can expect to see periods of divestment which will entail the need for our consultancy advice.